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I am myself an enthusiastic casino player. Therefore, I thought about building a website for the most interesting game in my opinion, namely slot machines. On the other hand, it is not an easy subject since in the meantime there are approximately 5282 online casinos and even more slot machines. Not all of them are useful. Many online casinos don’t take it seriously, and they simply don’t offer a good playing experience. Therefore, some slot machines are not recommendable for that either; they have too much house edge or they are simply boring. All of these things is possible in the world of online slots. Additionally, there is the very important sign up bonus, which you get when you make a deposit for the first time at an online casino. It plays an important role in your percentage payout!

What can you expect from then? A lot of things! On the one hand, I want to introduce the most popular slot machines. However, there I’ll make a summary and I won’t write a novel about each and every slot machine. This would take years probably. So, you can find everything important about slot machines introduced briefly in the slot machines category, which includes Microgaming slots, Playtech slot machines and the slot machines from NetEnt, of course. The Novoline slots and various other slot machines are introduced in detail as well.

Online casinos for the Best slot games

I test some online casinos at as well. When doing this, I choose only those casinos which are worth recommending, such as 888 Casino or LeoVegas Casino. The requirements and preferences of casino players are various. Therefore, there is not THE best online slot casino even if everybody claims to be the one. 888 Casino is a good choice for all player types, but if you want to use other software, you must select another casino, of course. In my opinion, above all, 888 Casino, LeoVegas Casino, SpinPalace Hill and SlotsMillions Casino come into question.

Playing on slots for real money wins

The beginners will like very much too. Because, I talk about a couple of basic strategies regarding slots. How do you play at all? What do you need to pay attention? Is there a good and a bad slot strategy? And so on. Also the players who want to play for real money will find a lot of useful information in section slots for real money. This will help them at the supreme discipline.

Casino deposits without the hassle

No game without money – at least no real game without real money. Of course, you can play on slots also with play money but it is simply not the same thing. It should be strongly discouraged. Do you know anything worse than winning an important amount with play money but you simply can’t use the money you win? Well, I don’t know. Therefore, it is important to play always for real money, anything else is kindergarten. Because of this, we introduced the section slot deposit that shows with which methods you can make a deposit in the easiest way and what you need to consider in terms of casino deposit. There are even websites about online casino deposits and nothing else like There you’ll find all details about different deposit options like Paypal, Skrill, credit cards, etc.

Online slot games: with or without download?

Many slot players deal with this question, since it is related to the important point whether you should play on slots by performing a download before or whether you use the Flash version where no download is required. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, which we deal with in detail in sections slot download and playing on slots without download.

Super Slot jackpots

The jackpots are again quite a new topic regarding playing on slots, since they have the potential to make the slots really attractive. With jackpot slots, winnings in millions are possible and of course this fact pulls to slots a lot of players who lure the jackpot regularly. I subdivided the Slot jackpots according to the corresponding casino software. Microgaming jackpot slots were discussed in detail. However, there are also Playtech and NetEnt jackpot slot machines. Optimally, you look at each jackpot simply in order to find out the one which is interesting for you. Usually you will find an attractive jackpot, which is relatively big at the moment and which allows big winnings.

Other great resources about slot games and slot machines: SlotsMamma and Wikipedia.

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