Online slots are fascinating more and more people and they are looking for more and more alternative slot games they can try. They always need variety and new charm. But that’s what the modern casino world is offering and it gives all players the opportunity to choose from a broad selection of slot machines. You can play with three or five wheels, with a very high progressive jackpot, select different symbols and themes and so on. Nowadays it’s even possible to create your very own slot machine with own symbols and pictures. Opportunities are almost infinite and if you know how to use them properly you’ll have lots of fun with online slot games. At we’ll show you the very best slots, best online casinos, biggest progressive jackpots and payment options for a safe and uncomplicated gambling environment that may result in a big win anytime soon!

Slot Games For Dummies: The Basics

Although there are hundreds and thousands of slot games out there, and they come in all shapes and sizes, the basic idea of the game remains more or less consistent. Although there are plenty of exceptions to the rule, your standard slot game requires you to match three or more symbols on the reels moving from leftmost to the right of your screen. To help in your task, there will generally be Wild icons which can substitute for any of the regular symbols to give you a better chance of winning. Exciting bonus rounds are triggered when you see enough Scatter symbols dotted anywhere across the reals, and this is the real fun of playing slot games. Not only are bonus rounds often in the form of an entertaining new game, but this is also where you can start earning major cash money.

How to Win Real Cash Money

All online slot games are powered by random number generators, meaning that there is no element of skill when it comes to playing the games. Despite the myths you may have heard about machines or games being ‘ready’ to pay out, this is just not the case. Random means random, so each spin of the reels gives you just as much chance of winning as the one before. And you won’t need to worry about the fairness of the games or casinos listed on these pages, as we only recommend sites where the games have been independently tested for fairness. The real secret to winning at slot games lies in choosing which games to play. Do a little bit of research to find games with the highest RTP (Return to Player) and try to stick with games that have an RTP of 96% or better to maximize your chances of winnings. Sometimes that modest looking game with the old-fashioned graphics can be the best way for you to win, so don’t judge a book by its cover!

Life Changing Jackpots

One type of slot game that draws slot players like a magnet is the almighty Progressive Jackpot game. Progressive Jackpots take a small percentage of the amount bet by every player on a particular game and adds it to a cumulative jackpot. While this may only be a penny or two per spin, when there are thousands of players spinning thousands of times the sums add up, and there are plenty of games out there with jackpots running into millions of dollars. Note that a lot of these games require the player to Max bet in order to be in with a shot at the main prize, but this jackpot can be unlocked after every single spin, no matter if you win or lose. Just one spin of the reels and you could be the latest slot game millionaire, so why not test your luck at one of the fantastic Progressive Jackpot games on offer at 888 Casino.

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