There is always much discussion amongst online casino aficionados about if there is any truth in fact that you can successfully cheat online casinos. They main bone of contention within the debate is confirming what actually constitutes a trick or cheat. Many newbies to online casinos will immediately prick up their ears and want to learn all about how they can beat the system and get rich quick. Hard-nosed experienced players will soon tell them there is no such thing and they are listening to myths and fantasy because the house always wins.

Trick or Treat?

The same grizzled old players will be happy to confirm to those that are green behind the ears, that there are ways to benefit from slackness on an online site but these will be small glitches and not for get rich quick schemes. Having said all that, glitches they are, and they can be useful. These could be things such as using new account openings to gain better play and higher payout averages.

There are countless new casinos to try with. First point to remember is that mobile versions of online casino games of popular desktop casinos always play with a limited amount of games. The variance in mobile to pc versions on payouts can be high.

We recommend that you check out 888 Casino, LeoVegas Casino, SpinPalace and SlotsMillions Casino to find some of the best slot games with the biggest bonus offers around.

Mobile casinos often hand out bonus start up offers with no deposit, therefore it is best to claim a good bonus to match your first deposit. You can sign up with these casinos on your desktop pc and then log in on the casinos with your phone using the details they will send via email or text message.

The Truth about Cheats

As previously discussed, the casinos are going to let you cheat them out of lots of money. There are no loop holes that will let you expose an easy win or make 3 clicks at the right time for a win. What you can do, however, is make the most of your advantages and use them before they swing back in favour of the house.

The first golden rule is to play as many of the games that appeal to you and learn them inside out. Learn the mechanics of how slot games and casinos operate so you have a good feel of when to risk more or hold on till next time. Think of your playing money as a bank roll that needs building. Try and build it up slowly until you reach a comfortable level where a sharp loss won’t hurt you. Get to a point where you can afford to risk surplus on your bank roll so a loss can be tolerated.

Find games that have one or two bonus rolls more than others. Try and chip away at exploiting these free bonuses or free rolls. You can always risk a bigger bet if it is not adding a liability to your bank roll. Different machines will play differently so learn the subtleties. Your bank roll doesn’t care which games you are playing, so spread your risks wider over playing certain machines.

Learn to walk away when you are happy with your winnings. Giving back the proceeds from a profitable session will be the most frustrating thing of all. It is as bad as chasing wins to cover ‘unbelievable bad luck’. This is never unbelievable and the chasing method is where the house makes there 3% overall. Be smart enough to keep your winnings, adding some to increase your bank roll for next time, and some for profit in your pocket and always be happy with that. There’s always another day.

As long as slot machines have been in existence scammers have tried to figure out ways to cheat the machines. Some people have actually been successful, but their cheating ways eventually caught up to them and landed them in prison.

One of the most notorious slot machine cheats in history was Tommy Glenn Carmichael. Carmichael first began his cheating ways using the top-bottom device. He successfully cheated the slot machines with this device, but he was eventually caught using it and spent 5 years in jail.

During his stent in jail, Tommy planned even more ways to cheat slot games. He successfully did this, but he was also caught. Tommy is banned from most casinos even today so he had to quit his cheating ways. After Tommy showed up the casinos they demanded that slot machine makers invent machines that featured way more security features.

Is it possible to cheat with slot machines?

The majority of slot machines today are video slot machines. These machines run on a computer based program. In recent years a team of hackers hacked an online casino and set a certain slot machine to only have winning spins. The casino awarded $1.9 Million on these spins in a matter of a few hours, but an honest casino player knew something must be wrong. He tipped off the casino that every spin was a winner, and they shut the machines down and corrected the hack.

It is possible to cheat if you are a hacker, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It will land you in prison. The best thing that you can do is to strategically play slot games. You should only play games that you can afford to bet the maximum amount. If you have $20 to play with then you should probably play a penny machine or a nickel machine. You should be careful with these machines though. Some of them have a higher maximum bet than the higher machines. Pay attention to how many betting lines the machines have, or you may end up losing all of your money quickly.

Was it ever possible to cheat?

It was a lot easier to cheat slot games in the early days of slot games. As we have already mentioned, scammers created devices to help them trick the slot machines into thinking that it was a winning spin. However, these scammers eventually ended up in prison. So, it really wasn’t worth all the trouble that they went to.

We are not a fan of cheating, but we are a fan of easy to win slot games. Our recommended casino for easy to win casino games is LeoVegas Casino. This is one of the most popular online casinos in the world, and continues to attract players from all over the globe.

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