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If you’re an avid online slot player and are always on Facebook, then you must find the Facebook online slots and check them out. If you haven’t discovered them already, these are the online slots currently trending on the number one in social media. These games have been around for a couple of years now but are growing in popularity and player numbers and it’s not hard to see why. They all have their strengths and different appeal so it is well worth trying them all to see which ones you prefer. Facebook has gone from strength to strength in recent years, to the point where it’s the first site most users gravitate towards when they switch on their phones in the morning. That’s why there are so many slot games clamoring for your attention on this hugely popular platform.

Slotmania is Crazy Good

Slotmania first hit the scene five years and became a top ten Facebook game app in 2011 and 2012. Since this impressive reception it has now spawned into a variety of themes and in total is firmly the number one game on Facebook and Android. There are literally millions of players worldwide all playing this addictive app. With its new variety of themed slots, it is sure to go from strength to strength. It already boasts the best casino graphics on Facebook, so as new special promotions get rolled out like mini games, free spins and gifts it will be hard to remove from the number one position.

Slot Machine +

This game is from Apostek Software and comes with a free game including multiple pay lines, big jackpots and mini games. The Slot + has no ads although they can boast a jackpot of $25,000 bonus per week. Free players of this game only get to play for $10,000 every week. It is therefore easy to see why there are now over 10 million loyal players. The game is currently being downloaded for $0.99.

Jackpot Slots

Jackpot Slots is a free slot game from Gree Inc. Jackpot slots boasts very attractive graphics with leader boards scrolling through displaying leaders hourly, daily and weekly. Gree Inc. states that they offer more coins than all other slot games on Facebook. They have said they have tons of slot machines and have recorded impressive figures of over one million downloads on Android.

Slots Fever

Slots Fever is well known by Android users as a very popular Vegas style free slots app. Players are given 200 free coins every 2 hours plus the chance to spin up to 40 paylines simultaneously. Daily tournaments and free spins are popular features and the software publisher Kakapo provides an in-app purchasing facility for over 10 more themed slots, with many more in the pipe-line.

Slot City

Slot City is presented by DragonPlay and is another Vegas style free slot game. It is currently on version 1.25 at present but is likely to be continually upgraded due to its popularity. This game has been downloaded an incredible 5 million times. Its features are recognized with bonus coins, expanding wilds and daily spins. You can find examples of this game as Mermaid Treasure and Temples of Wonder.

Zynga Slots

The fastest growing slots game right now has to be Zynga slots. The company that has got millions hooked on an easy to play poker platform are at it again with Zynga slots and you had better believe that this is going to be huge. It already is showing as the highest gainer with both active users and the same for the monthly players. It huge popularity is probably a lot to do with it being accessible on iPhone and iPad plus Android devices. As you would expect from Zynga, the graphics are rich and gameplay intriguing. You get to shoot through other magical worlds while trying to win coins. You can invite friends to go for the hot jackpot and if lucky grab the loot before they do. Zynga have brought out a lot of fun with this slot and have even made a convenient app which you can send to mobile.

If you feel like playing slot games for real money then you will have to try elsewhere than Facebook, so why not check out SpinPalace for a fine selection of real money slot games.

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