The golden rule of all gaming, including slots, is that the house always wins. So the ideal answer surely must be, to be your own house. Many people enjoy playing slot machines so much that they decide to buy one to play at home. This means only using coins for themselves and not providing the machine for public gambling. This must be easy to do with no difficulties right? Wrong.

Am I Breaking the Law?

Buying and owning your own machine often comes with a whole raft of conditions. Firstly, buying relatively new machines is both expensive and risky. Newer electronic video style slots are still very attractive to play so there is a great potential to set a machine up to make money. If the owner is an unlicensed private individual then they risk the wrath of local authorities who frown upon such activities.

Machines can maintain a high value due to their ‘pulling’ power so are often in service for long earning lives. Unless you are a collector and enjoy buying, and no doubt, repairing very old machines, you may find the regulations a bit of a struggle, particularly in the US. There are many ex-service machines around, when you start looking, but to be on the safe side it is best to stick to the right side of the law.

Get the Facts Before You Buy

This means checking the state requirements for owning slot machines. The first regulation comes down to the age of the machine and 20 years of age is a good marker. Some states require machine to be a minimum of 25 years of age. Alaska, on the other hand, has no restrictions in place whatsoever. Depending on which state you live in, you will need to know these very important facts about the machine before risking your money.

If you are thinking of buying slots for gaming use of new customers you will first need to get a gaming licence. This also changes from state to state and will represent many legal factors that will need analysing closely. It would be prudent to learn about as many legal implications as possible in which ever gaming jurisdiction where the machines will operate.

Find Your Dream Machine

Having said all this owning your own machines can be a lot of fun. Whether it be to buy reasonably new fully working gaming machines to offer to customers, or just wanted to enjoy owning a vintage machine like a collector enjoys you need to check out platforms such as EBay as well as specialist gaming machines vending sites. Traditionally, collectors have used sites such as Slot Machines USA, Old Time Slots and Bright’s Antique Slot Machines. Half of the fun will be in the finding of old classics still in working order.

Vintage slot machines hold their appeal for years. Many develop their own story of where they were made and where they were put into service for many years. It is surprising to see how many old machines still had attractive themes and lighting systems. The Wild West for featured on many old machines going back to their 100 year history. One armed bandits can be much sought after.

Having knowledge of the older machines and some of the mechanical basics would be a distinct advantage. Knowing which type of light bulbs will need replacing or how to clean out bill jams and stuck coins would help make the job of buying cheap non-working machines easier. Being able to fix them up yourself at home means you can scour the EBay and similar listings for spare parts and accessories.

Many retro style machines may become quite valuable when saved from the scrap heap and made serviceable. Vintage Slot Machines provide listings of all sorts of knick-knack type items that could be very useful. One important fact to remember is that if you find a cheap price listed somewhere you had better double check to see if the machine is, in fact, a miniature replica. These have been popular as collectors’ items and thousands of styles were made, but may not be what you are looking for. You don’t want to be buying a toy.

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