If you search the web then you will find many articles that claim to offer sure ways to beat a slot game. The tricks that these sites will tell you to use are myths. There have been myths about beating slot games since the introduction of slot games. Trust me if these people knew exactly how to beat slot machines then they would be playing slot games instead of writing about them. We are going to go over some of the common slot machine myths in this article.

Biggest Slot Myths

There are several myths about beating a slot game, but the myths we are going to go over are the most common myths. Many people that will tell you these tricks to beating slot games actually believe that they will work. We will tell you why these myths are just myths and won’t actually work.

The Slot Machine is Due to Hit – This is the most common slot machine myth. Many players believe that if a machine has had a large amount of money lost in it then it must be due to hit. This is not the case. Slot machines use random number generators. This means that they are not set up to produce a win once a certain amount of money has been spent in them. The winning combinations are completely random. I have seen people rush to a slot machine that someone has just lost a lot of money in because they believe that they will definitely win on that machine. However, this person lost just like the last person did because slot machines just don’t work like that.

The Slot Machines Pay-Out More Late at Night – I have met people that will only play slot machines very late at night because they believe that the big jackpots are only awarded late at night. This is absolutely false. Slot machines work on random number generators, and the jackpot can be won at any time. You have the same odds of winning at 2pm as you do at 2am. You should just pick a machine that you enjoy playing.

That Could Have Been Me!

I Will Win if I Pull the Lever – It makes no difference if you pull the lever or push the button because slot machines use random number generators. The outcome will be the same regardless of how you start the spin. I like to pull the lever sometimes just because I get a little bored and like to mix things up. I would like to think that this changes my odds of winning, but I know that it doesn’t.

That Jackpot Would Be Mine if I hadn’t Left – Have you ever gotten up from a slot machine, and the person that sat down behind you hits a jackpot? This can be a very sickening feeling, and we tend to think that if we would have just stayed at the machine then the jackpot would have been ours. This is not actually the case. The random number generator changes constantly. This means that you would have had to spin the reels at the exact same time as the new person to have won the jackpot. This more than likely would not have happened, so it is false to think that the jackpot would have been yours if you would have just stayed.

More Crazy Myths About Slot Games

This Slot Machine just had a Big Win so it won’t hit Again – Another myth about slot machines is that if a big jackpot was just won then it will be a long time before another jackpot can be won. As we have mentioned throughout this article, slot machines use random number generators. This means that you have just as much of a chance winning a jackpot on a machine that just hit a jackpot as you do with any other slot machine. It is possible for jackpots to be hit back to back on the same machine.

We hope that you see from this article that there is no sure fire way to beat a slot game. You should just pick a game that you enjoy playing that is within your budget. If you end up winning that is great, but if you don’t at least you had fun playing. If you want to try out some online slots we suggest SpinPalace. They have a nice array of fun slot games. Click here to sign up at this major online casino!

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