Playing on slot machines with iPhone and iPad is for many players a dream. And there’s a good reason. Because with iPhone or iPad it is possible to play on slots everywhere, whether in the subway or at the coffee break. There are no limitations to these opportunities- well, actually there are. Because Apple and gambling is yet another story. For instance German users can’t download gambling Apps although they are very popular in England. Because online gambling is legal without exception in the UK and iPhone and iPad users can be pleased with various Apps. On the other hand, players from other countries often have only one option: they need an online casino that has concentrated on mobile devices and offer a browser based version which was optimized for the resolutions of iPhone and iPad. LeoVegas Casino is leading worldwide here with the high value Microgaming Software and a special focus on iPhone and iPad. It does not matter if you surf with these devices at the moment or want to try the mobile slots later, it is worth having a look at LeoVegas Casino in any case.

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Slot Machine Apps in the App Store

Perhaps thousands of people are searching for a slot machine App in the Apple Store and they are disappointed every day. Because at the moment there are no Apps which allow to play on real money slots. The online casinos would offer those Apps with pleasure and there is no doubt that they will be used correspondingly well but Apple controls each and every App exactly and there is no way to get around this. However, it is also good, since there is no chance that the deceivers reach App Store and make something bad.

The reason why online casinos are not allowed in every country is that Apple rejects Apps which allows playing for real money. At least in Germany, since online gambling is not 100% legal there. On the contrary, in England it is and thereby there are so many Apps to download. On the other hand, it should be noted that Apps do not have to be the only and the best solution for playing on slots with iPhone or iPad…

The solution: browser based slot games

Online casinos are not stupid. If Apple puts obstacles in the way, it does not necessarily mean that there is no solution. At the moment, in 2015, the solution seems to be very easy: the online casinos offer browser based software. It is not something new and every good casino should possess a browser version without download. The good thing about this is on the other hand, that the casino recognizes with which device you are online at the moment, i.e. whether you are using a Windows PC or surfing with an iPad. Once the casino recognizes it, it can automatically adjust the resolution so that it is optimized in accordance with the used device. For example with iPhone you don’t have to scroll around too long, button is big enough to be able to press and everything is arranged as clear as possible. Of course, important amount of work was invested here and in my opinion it was worth it.

Slots with iPad – the future?

With such questions and prognoses, you need to be always very careful. The truth is that tablets especially iPad had accomplished a trend which is not anymore stoppable. Instead of having to sit in front of a desk, using mouse and keyboard, everything works via a touchscreen on iPad, which can be controlled intuitively and even by a child. A user interface cannot be easier than that.

Of course, casino players are also up to date and they think over how they can engage in their hobby better. What is better than playing on slots with an iPad by sitting in the couch comfortably? In my opinion, it is exactly the right thing and if a few technical obstacles are overcome which exist at the moment, then this trend will not be stoppable in the casino area either. And an important percent of all casino players won’t be driving to a casino or sitting on a PC to play online, but they will play with iPad at home or on the way too.

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