Slot games are unlike other casino games. Poker, blackjack, roulette, and almost all other games have clear strategies that can increase your chances of winning. Unfortunately, there is no clear strategy to help you pick a winning slot machine. We do have several tips to help you decrease your losses. These tips are not guaranteed to make you a winning player, but these tips can help you have more winning sessions.

Become a Winning Slot Player

As we mentioned earlier, there is no sure way to ensure that you win at slot games. We do have some tips for you that will help you win more often. We hope these tips will help you increase your wins, and who knows, you may even win a progressive jackpot.

Play Within Your Budget – One of the biggest mistakes I have seen a lot of slot game players make is playing well above their budget. If you have $20 that you want to play a slot game with then you definitely do not need to put that $20 in a $5 machine. The $20 will allow you to play for a while at a $.25 machine if the bet is 2 or 3 coins, but if you don’t hit very many winning combinations you will be broke pretty quickly at this stake as well. We suggest playing a $.01 or $.05 slot game. You have to be careful with these as well because the maximum bet can be very expensive depending upon the number of pay lines. Choose your slot carefully and pay attention to the number of betting lines.

Bet Max – The maximum bet at slot games tends to have a much better pay out. For instance a $.25 game pays 10 times the bet for a winning combination when 1 coin is bet, 20 times the bet when 2 coins are bet, and 50 times the bet when 3 coins are bet. As you can see the pay-out drastically increases when you bet 3 coins compared to 2 coins. (This is just an example and will not be the true pay outs for all $.25 games.)

Betting the maximum amount is also very important if you are playing a progressive jackpot game. If you hit the required symbols to win the progressive jackpot, and you are not betting the maximum amount; you will not get the jackpot money. Progressive jackpots are often times in excess of $1 Million. You will want to make sure you bet the max so that you will cash in on these winnings if you should be lucky enough to hit it.

Slot Games for Fun and Profit

In order to win at slots you need to understand how slot games work. In the early days slot games were set up on a reel. This is not the case anymore. All slot games use random number generators. These random number generators are constantly changing so the outcome of the spin is constantly changing. The second that you hit the spin button your outcome is determined. If you wait an extra second to hit the spin button then you will receive a completely different outcome.

Many players are under the false misconception that a slot machine is about to hit if 2 winning symbols are lining up and the third symbol to make the winning combination is just a little off. Slot machines are designed to do this to make you think that you are about to win so that you will keep playing longer. If you are losing money at a slot machine then you should try a new machine. The theory that the machine is about to hit because a lot of money has been lost without a win is absolutely false. The amount of money spent in a machine does not determine when the machine will produce a winning combination. As we mentioned earlier this is completely random. A machine may hit several times in a row, or it may lose several times in a row.

Which Slots Pay the Most?

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