An important aspect of playing on slots is the right bonus. Of course, playing itself is fun as well, but a bonus can make it much more interesting, just like a slot jackpot. In terms of bonus and jackpots, online casinos are sometimes so aggressive that you can play with a positive expected value anyway. Then slot machines can be really fun.

Maximizing Your Bonus

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Maximum bonus amount shows the maximum amount, which you can obtain as bonus. Most bonuses work with at least 100 %, therefore that value is not shown in the table at all. This means if a maximum bonus of 150 euro is given, a deposit of 150 Euro is enough to receive that bonus. At least in most of the cases. Many online casinos offer in the meantime not only a deposit bonus when you deposit for the first time but also when you deposit for the second, third or even seventh time. These bonuses were not shown in the above table since the table would otherwise look too confusing. You should always have a look at the website of the casino and watch out for bonuses for the second deposit and for the reload bonus respectively.

What do you need to consider about an online slot bonus?

Something is very clear: casinos are not benefactors whose jobs are giving away money. But a bonus seems to be a present for many people and this is exactly the aim of the casino. Of course, as a player, you are not the enemy of the casino but you should always take care of what is happening in the background which is in case of the bonus the following: The casino wants to make the gaming more attractive by a certain amount of money which is supposed to serve as incentive. With this, the following happens above all: the expected value of the player increases and in this way the house edge is reduced. The player has the incentive to play as long as he can withdraw the bonus and use it some other way. In the first point, there is of course no danger; it is always good to play with a low house edge. But when the incentive is too big, releasing a bonus can be problematic.

First of all, playing beyond one’s means is a problem. Basically the faster you release, the more will be the wager. For many people, it will be very tempting then to play with high value of wager which is above their bankroll. You must avoid this certainly! Choose rather a small bonus and deposit less and if it is necessary, pay more later on to reach it. For example, let’s say there is a 100% up to 200 Euro bonus. You can deposit of course 200 Euro but can you release the bonus with it also? Can you afford to come up with 500 Euro more? If yes, you can take this bonus of course, but if not, then deposit simply less, for example, 50 Euro and release a 50 Euro bonus. If you can’t release with 50 Euro, then make an extra deposit of 150 Euro later on and then it will work much easier.

Casino Bonuses: Don’t Forget the Small Print!

What you must especially take care of is the wagering requirements, since they have an importance influence on the quality of a bonus. It can be understood easily. A bonus with 50x is much worse than a bonus with 20x even if the maximum amount is much better. I would even describe the wagering requirements as the key feature instead of the amount for example. What is the meaning of a high bonus, which you can’t release? Then, better take a small bonus with low wagering requirements.

Fantastic Free No Deposit Bonus Offers

Of course, there is also a slot bonus in case no deposit is made. This is called no deposit bonus. It is a little gift from the house – the casino transfers some money to the player’s account to play with. It is real money. If you win (and fulfill the requirements) you can withdraw real money too. Hence, no deposit slot bonus is different from play money.

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