Progressive jackpots can make playing on slots really interesting and lucrative. The good thing is that not only you raise the jackpot with each wager, but also other players help to increase the value of it.

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There are several casino software providers and the really good ones have indeed good jackpot offers as well. NetEnt jackpot slots are for example very attractive just as the Playtech jackpot slots. On the other hand, I personally like Microgaming jackpot slots the most. It can be a pure imagination of course but I like Mega Moolah as slot so much; with an average jackpot of over 4 million dollar it is really attractive!

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What are progressive jackpots?

At a progressive jackpot which is mostly important for slot machines and video poker machines, the jackpot increases at every wager. Most of the time, different players interconnect so that many players, who play at the same time, can contribute to the big jackpot. Therefore, a progressive jackpot can be extremely big and this makes playing on slots much more attractive. Because jackpots with five digits are found regularly. Progressive jackpots often reach hundred thousands of Euros until they are finally hit.

How to win big on a progressive jackpot?

It is defined always in advance and you should simply figure it out when you play on slots. Good slots have a small info-button within sight and you can see at which symbols the jackpot is hit. Mostly it is the case when the high value symbols are all visible on a slot machine, so either 3 or 5 – depending on the numbers of the rolls. On the other hand, latest when you hit the jackpot, you will have understood…

To take part in a progressive jackpot, it is mostly necessary to wager the maximum amount or at least an amount which is big enough. You can’t qualify to take part in jackpot with a minimum value in most cases. Therefore, you should take into account if the wager is high enough before you try to hit the jackpot. Mostly, there is a minimum wager in order to be able to take part. And you need to bring with exactly this amount: because if you bet more, you basically waste money. In that case, you actually build the jackpot for others and thus you don’t increase your chance of winning, if you wager more.

Therefore, simply wager the minimum of what was predefined in order to take part in a jackpot. If you want to wager more, you should look for a slot with higher wager and jackpot.

What is different to a normal jackpot?

At a normal jackpot, the amount a jackpot can reach is fixed. It can’t rise until infinity. But, in case of progressive jackpot it can happen. With every wager from a player on a slot machine which is connected to the same progressive jackpot, the value raises. In case of “normal” jackpot it is not the case.

Are Progressive Jackpot Games For Real?

It’s heard over and over again. Unfortunately there is black sheep among online casinos as well. So it can happen that a player hits a very high progressive jackpot and the casino refuses the payment. There can be many reasons for the refusal. Mostly, the casino believes that something is wrong with the identity of the player or it accuses the player of something which he did not do actually so that it does not have to let the jackpot to be withdrawn. This is of course a total fraud and you have to keep away from such unreliable casinos. Luckily, internet accelerates the process of identifying such deceiving casinos. That’s why, in section slot playing; only those casinos are listed and recommended, where no jackpot fraud is known. Unfortunately, the team has not yet hit a progressive jackpot at all these casinos and therefore we could not prove ourselves if all casinos really make the payment.

Why You Need to Play More Progressive Jackpot Slots

It is not possible to make a general statement about this. But if you think over, you’ll know at least when a jackpot is not attractive. It is the case at the very beginning when the jackpot is yet very small, since jackpot is built step by step without having the chance to get the big winning. Optimally, you should join when jackpot is already at the highest level or at least when it is high enough. Then playing on slots can be really profitable without further ado, due to the little chance of the gigantic jackpot!

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