There can’t be much worse than finding the ideal slots site with all the games you would like to see, only to find they won’t accept your American Express card. Oh the frustration. Truth is, online slots and casinos accepting payments via American Express are not that common.

It is an unfortunate fact that Amex isn’t always accepted everywhere and this is particularly true of online casinos due to their complicated financial rules when it comes to gambling and gaming transactions.

This can be frustrating considering American Express is actually the world’s largest card issuer and processes millions of banking transactions every single day. The world famous credit card marque is generally accepted in the US, such as Lucky Red Casino and White Casino. They do a great job in getting Amex deposits approved and are normally recommended for United States players wanting to avail of the casino and slots experience.

There are so many great online casinos that don’t accept American Express now even if they did before. It is surprising because American Express is one of the most recognizable brands in the world and worth around $14 billion. It just seems ironic that a company that pioneered electronic payments and are famed for American Express card transactions always going through are reluctant to make their policies more flexible when it comes to transaction rules and infrastructure.

Applying for American Express Cards

Just getting an application accepted for an American Express card is not as easy as Visa and MasterCard so these are going to be much easier to use with the casinos of your choice. Casinos throughout the industry are always going to run their VIP sections of the operation based on customer deposits regardless of how they paid into their account.

It is probably safe to say, however, that the casinos are just as frustrated as the players regarding the difficulties in being offered American Express cards as form of preferred payments. The credit managers will no doubt be in full realisation that they would love to have American Express card holders as part of their clientele.

The Future for AMEX Casino Players

The tide will turn one day as casinos such as Lucky Red Casino and Buzzluck are rumoured to be chasing the use of American Express cards. As every knows they used to be a reliable method for online deposits but many US banks and credit cards companies were actually prohibited from funding online gambling generally. It seems this decision has somewhat been lifting as the talk seems to be of a major comeback.

It all came down to the policies that were in place to see how payment platforms operated. There were mechanisms put in place to flag any transactions with a specific code that had been identified as being used for ‘gambling related transactions’.

Online Casinos and AMEX in the United States

It seems that the new age of premium card processing services are suggesting that the coding system for flagging certain transactions based on the area of usage, may over ride all matters before it. American Express may once again join the ranks of regular online casino choice of payment methods if there is any truth in the rumours surrounding premium card processing policies. Time will tell but this could be great news for all concerned, especially the beleaguered US players who regularly have more red tape to deal with the rest of the world.

The first thing to look out for will be a slew of American based or online casinos touting their new deals with American Express. Look out for new payment terms as before American Express used to require a minimum deposit of $21 although deposits directly put in for imminent wagers would get processed instantly for US players at least. We will just have to wait and see.

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