Credit cards are widely spread and very popular as online payment method. It’s possible to make a transaction within a few minutes after entering your numbers and details and everybody who already made a deposit using a credit card will understand how simple it really is. That’s why credit cards are very common at online casinos and it’s likely that there is not a single online casino that does not accept credit cards like Visa and Mastercard as payment option. But you still have to select your casino carefully and only choose a reliable one that does not abuse your credit card information. A good example is LeoVegas Casino, a very popular and reliable online casino that has been operating for many years. You can easily make your deposit with credit card and play at one of the many slot machines. Click here to do so and quit searching for the right online casino!

The Most Popular Funding Method

Pretty much all of us own a debit or credit card these days, and these pieces of plastic have become the standard method of paying for everything from groceries to gasoline to pretty much everything else you can imagine. Therefore it is no surprise to hear that for most online casino players credit and debit cards are still the most popular payment method. We are all familiar with how to make online purchases these days, so it seems perfectly natural to adopt the same approach when funding online gaming accounts. However, in recent years more people have been turning to e-wallets as a means to deposit and withdraw from gaming sites, and as banks impose more restrictions on the funding of gambling sites it is possible that the future will involve greater use of electronic payment methods.

How to Deposit and Withdraw with your Card

Every online casino out there will offer the option to use Visa and Mastercard (and often Maestro) to make deposits to fund your account. The process is instant and won’t cost you any fees, which is why it is such a popular option. The problem arises when particular banks or countries decide not to allow funding with their cards, but for most people this is not an issue. However, owners of American Express cards hoping to fund their gaming accounts will be sorely disappointed, as no American banks or companies are permitted by law to fund gaming accounts, so you can forget about that option straight away. Another point to note is that if you are depositing with a Mastercard from most countries outside the UK, you will be required to withdraw via the slow bank transfer method, since Mastercard do not usually permit withdrawals to their cards. That pretty much leaves Visa as king of the cards when it comes to online gambling! When it comes time to withdraw, it generally takes anything from 1 to 5 banking days before the money will appear back in your bank account, so if you need faster withdrawal times then you may prefer the option of electronic wallets instead.

Slots with credit cards

Credit cards have always been online deposit option number one and the reason is obvious: Many people already have a credit card and made lots of payments offline already. When they now have the opportunity to pay online they won’t have any trouble making use of it. They don’t have to sign up anywhere or create a new account like it’s the case with ewallets and other payment methods. It’s way easier with a credit card and you only have to type in your numbers to access your money instantly. There’s no easier way to pay and it’s likely that this payment method will stay number one for a while even though the competition is getting tougher.

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