At the moment (and in the near future) there won’t be any real money online casinos that allow US players AND Paypal. As US player it is best to just ignore Paypal and look for alternative ways to deposit. For this purpose, we highly recommend Rich Casino, one of the most popular US friendly casinos where you can deposit with virtually every deposit option (except for Paypal of course). Take a look for yourself why this casino is our favorite choice by clicking this link!

Is PayPal a Good Deposit Option?

PayPal is a subsidiary of eBay and therefore it is clear that it is safe and reliable. Thereby PayPal is recommendable basically. The only problem that a casino player faces with PayPal is that hardly any casino offers a deposit with PayPal. So, the whole security and reliability do not mean anything if you can’t pay with PayPal anywhere to play slot machines! Therefore PayPal is recommendable to some extend only. If you already use PayPal and have the money to play, then we recommend that you arrange a deposit at the casino mentioned above. If you are not yet sure which eWallet you want to use for playing on slots, then PayPal is certainly not the first choice, since simply too few online casinos offer it as payment method. With Skrill or Neteller you will have more options for online casinos.

Quick and Easy Deposits with PayPal?

The deposit is really easy– provided that you play at an online casino that supports deposits with PayPal. It is unfortunately the case only at the casinos mentioned above. In this regard, a deposit with PayPal is difficult at online casinos although the actual deposit process is easy.

Keep Your PayPal Account Secured

The most important thing is to use a password which you don’t use anywhere else. Also, use an email address which you don’t use to register any kind of forums or social networks like Facebook. There are always some kinds of security risks. Luckily, PayPal is one of the most secure providers overall and it will help you immediately if something goes wrong. In this respect, you don’t have to worry as long as you handle your password carefully.

Is it possible that there will be some problems with a PayPal deposit?

I haven’t heard something like that and PayPal is surely able to guarantee a problem-free payment process as a market leader. So many people use PayPal daily. Problems occur only very seldom, for example when you can’t reach the server for a short time. Then you simply try again in a few minutes and then the deposit will work. But such problems are very seldom.

Easy Funding of your PayPal Account

You can top up your PayPal account with a charge from your bank account or with a credit card. This works also very easily since you just need to type in your bank connection or the credit card information in your PayPal account. Afterwards, PayPal takes up if the account is empty. It really can’t work easier than that.

The Advantages of Using PayPal to Fund your Account.

PayPal offers above all the advantage to make an anonymous deposit and to pay everywhere where you want or PayPal is accepted. It is already an advantage if you want to deposit at a casino. Because legally you are in a grey zone when playing at an online casino. Therefore, it does not have to be necessarily seen on bank account bills that you have deposited 100 Euro at a casino. Nobody wants this to happen. If you use PayPal, on the bills only the payment to PayPal will appear and nobody will know what happens with the money afterwards. Your bank doesn’t see that the money reaching the PayPal account will arrive at an online casino later on. This is the big advantage if you use an eWallet like PayPal.

Are there any fees for depositing with PayPal?

Of course PayPal earns some money when a transaction is carried out. On the other hand, the online casino takes over these deposit fees. Hence, you don’t need to worry about this. It’s at least the case at 99% of all casinos. Some casinos require a small fee for certain deposit methods-but it is not common practice.

Here you can deposit with PayPal at the 888 Casino and play on slot machines!

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