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The whole world is about being social these days. There are many social websites, but the industry giant is Facebook. You can go on Facebook and find long lost friends and family and catch up on life. You can also meet new people and find out what’s going on in everyone’s lives. I sometimes log on and find out things about my children that live in the same house as me. It is a very different world that we live in then it was when I was a kid, and these days more and more of us are devoting as much time to our ‘virtual’ lives as we are to what used to be regarded as ‘real’ life.

What do people enjoy doing besides catching up on old times and checking out people’s statuses? Well, it seems that everyone likes to play games. Facebook has incorporated games with their social media network. Zynga is the major manufacturer of games for Facebook, and some of their most popular games are slot games, and it is these games that we are going to look at for the purposes of this article. Zynga provides games targeted at those folks with a couple of minutes to spare and nothing much to do, they are a nice way to switch off from the stresses and pressures of modern life and immerse yourself in some online social gaming instead. Unlike most of the slot games we look at on these pages, these games do not offer cash money prizes so these social games are strictly for fun and not for profit.

How Do Zynga Slot Games Work?

Zynga slots are not just your average slot games. They are played like regular slot games, but when you win on these slot games you not only earn coins, but you also advance to new exciting levels. You can join up with your friends and try to grab the jackpots before they do, which is where the social and competitive aspect of these games comes to the fore. You can play up to 40 lines at a time. You will be awarded free coins every few minutes, and you will also be awarded free coins when your friends win. You will have the option to purchase more coins, but you are never required to spend money to play Zynga games. However, there are times when you have to wait a few minutes before playing more if you run out of coins.

Can I Play Zynga Slots for Real Money?

Zynga slot games are not currently available for real money play, so these games are for fun only and won’t unlock the key to your fortune! You can spend real money to purchase additional coins, but you can’t win real money from playing these games, which is why they are popular with all ages. There are rumors spreading around the internet that this may change soon, but for the time being you will need to look elsewhere to play real money cash games. The Zynga poker game has actually launched real money poker games in a select few countries although whether this becomes the norm across all territories remains to be seen. We may see the slot games available in these same countries for real money bets in the future.

Fun and Zany Zynga Slots

Zynga slot games are actually very fun. It is very addictive because you have challenges to complete, and you are competing with your friends. It is not the same experience as playing for real money to me, but millions of players are playing Zynga slots every day. Advancing through the levels of the slot game is a fun experience and can certainly while away a few minutes on the train or waiting in the doctor’s office, and is a stepping stone towards the real cash money gaming slots available elsewhere. The range of themes available from these developers is as wide and varied as your imagination, meaning that there is always an exciting new game around the corner waiting to be tried.

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